How FringeList Works

FringeList is the online interactive conference guide to the LibDem, Labour and Conservative annual party conferences.  All the events, all in one place. It is like having all the conference handbooks in your phone. Conference attendees can register for an event via the website, online advertisements placed on the MessageSpace network of leading political sites, or using our smart phone apps (iPhone, BlackBerry and Android). FringeList can also automatically send users text message reminders before their favourite events start. overview

Who uses it?
Thousands of conference attendees have used it since we launched in 2007. In 2011, we sent over 25,000 text message reminders.

Who will see my listing/advert?
The listings will be seen by people who visit (99% are conference attendees) and the adverts will be shown to people who visit the most popular political websites in the country. Exactly the right target audience for the party conference season. Your event listings can also be updated up to the night prior to your event.

FringeList Scrolling Widgets

How much does it cost?
It’s free for conference attendees, and we charge event organisers to list their events.

Why do people use FringeList?
FringeList promotes your events to conference-goers before they’re even at the conferences, via Britain’s leading political websites and social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn). Additionally, it’s easy and interactive – users can search for events that relate to specific interests, and they can also see if their friends on Facebook and Twitter are attending the same events. Our smartphone app is easier to use than the official conference ones, and also offers a far superior experience compared to the printed handbooks. After all, a user can’t click on an event in the handbook to learn more about it.

Why should I promote my event via FringeList, instead of the printed conference guides?

  • Because you can update your fringe listing information up until just hours before your event kicks off
  • Because only FringeList has partnered with Facebook, Twitter and all the sites on the MessageSpace network.
  • Conference goers can’t click on an advert in the printed handbooks.
  • They can’t register for text message reminders for all their favourite events anywhere else.
  • FringeList is actually in conference goers hands with their mobile phones reminding them about our advertised events.
  • The FringeList app is their personalised interactive conference diary.
  • After the conference we send you a file of all those who registered for your event allowing you to connect with them via your own email list.

An advert is only ever an advert, FringeList interacts with users and connects them to your organisation.

FringeList is the online directory for fringe events at all the party conferences.
Discounts available for bookings made prior to August 1st